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The first application ecosystem designed specifically around an PSHC is born!

As you could read in this article, FacOrg was particularly active in 2023 with the Foyer Schaerbeekois (FSH).

They had to find an alternative to the ERP GILS, which will cease its activities in June 2023, as did other Brussels Public Service Housing Companies (PSHC’s).

In a very limited dedicated application market, FacOrg was able to broaden the horizon of the solutions offered to the PSHC’s until then by following an enterprise architecture exercise based on business capabilities. FacOrg has put together an ecosystem of software that meets the basic needs of an PSHC By using truly specialised, high-performance and constantly evolving business tools.

Following the tender procedure, three tools were chosen to create this ecosystem: Adfinity (accounting and tenancy management), Hello Houston (technical management) and Microsoft Dynamics (CRM and ticketing). Based on MS Dynamics technology, a tailor-made solution was developed to meet the characteristic need of a PSHC, i.e. the calculation of rent based on specific parameters.

To animate this ecosystem, a number of interfaces ensure that master data is exchanged and maintained between the solutions so that everyone works on the basis of a common data set. They also ensure that the results of processes are communicated to other tools so that they can be reworked or made visible in a global manner. Finally, the interfaces also enable the ecosystem to communicate with tools outside the FSH.

Today, the teams involved in this transformation process are enthusiastic. After having carried out a considerable amount of work on quality control and data migration, they can see in their daily activities the improvements and perspectives offered by specialised tools. They are also aware that the ecosystem provide the necessary flexibility to meet the challenges and future needs of the FSH.

Congratulations to the FSH, the editors and all those involved in the success of this project. They have helped to create a new tool that opens new perspectives for PSHC’s. They are now able to turn the page on ERP and look forward to their applicative future with ambition and peace of mind.


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