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Dare to think outside the box to be more efficient

The Foyer Schaerbeekois (FSH) wanted to modernise its management tools and processes. Facorg took up this challenge.

Like 11 of the 16 SISPs (Public Service Housing Company), the FSH uses an ERP specially developed for the Brussels social housing companies, GILS, which is due to disappear.

However, the market for ERP's dedicated to the work of the SISP's is very limited. Facorg therefore made its expertise and knowledge of the market's best practices available to the FSH to help them open up their application horizon and offer them innovative, flexible solutions in line with the current real estate application market.

After an initial analysis of their capabilities, we proposed collaborative workshops from which their digital vision emerged. Starting from a diagram by "business areas", the future vision was built on the basis of an optimised application ecosystem.

This work on the company's architecture was followed by the drafting of specifications and the launch of the call for tenders (still in progress).

Once this phase is finalised, the implementation phase of the tools can begin. This will lead to an ecosystem application environment, in which the capabilities are no longer all managed in a centralised ERP-type tool but by a set of specialised and responsive applications.


In brief: Created in 1899, Foyer Schaerbeekois is a Public Service Housing Company (SISP) belonging to the Housing Company of the Brussels-Capital Region (SLRB). Foyer Schaerbeekois manages approximately 2,500 social housing units for nearly 5,600 tenants. Its property portfolio includes 350 buildings dating from 1902 to the present day.


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