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One step closer to an up-to-date inventory

An up-to-date, uniform, smooth and user-friendly inventory is still often a dream.

Excel files are widespread, with their advantages but also their drawbacks. And above all with their version history.

One of our clients wanted to optimise the inventory of its technical assets, and we responded by building them an inventory tool and proposing an inventory methodology.

Everything starts from the existing inventory per building: the property managers gather all the necessary data before importing it in a structured form into the Kizeo form tool. At the same time, the auto-generated unique references of the assets are sent to the software of a label printer. From the unique references a QR code is printed.

During the actual inventory phase, the property managers go to each asset, apply its own label, scan the QR code and check that the data entered in the corresponding Kizeo file is correct, correcting it if necessary.

The result is a database that can be used via a data management tool. The assets are identified and their data can be consulted/modified at any time on site thanks to the QR code.


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