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Evolution of the IT architecture of Eckelmans


Eckelmans Immobilier is an active player in real estate and operates as developer, rental manager (‘gestion locative’) and co-ownership property representative (‘gestion syndic’).

Eckelmans is a reference in student housing in Belgium with over 50 years of experience. It has since then also diversified its activities in residential housing, senior housing, as well as in the hotel sector.


In order to strengthen its leadership position, Eckelmans has decided to accelerate its digital transformation by adapting their existing IT applications. The objectives are to provide its clients a more immersive customer experience, adapted to the needs and demands of the ‘digital natives’, while also optimizing internal business processes through process remodelling, automatizations and better reporting.

The mission started in October 2019 with an audit to analyse the current applications, existing processes, identify improvement points & needs. With these observations, we conducted a market study which led to the screening of multiple real-estate software suppliers.


Based on the selected solutions of the market study & consistent communication with the client, we built up 5 different IT scenarios. Each scenario was aligned with the business strategy and objectives while enhancing customer experience, but had differences in terms of end-user experience, investment & maintenance costs, deployment time and future proof readiness.

For each scenario FacOrg delivered an IT cartography, a SWOT analysis, a business case and an implementation roadmap.

Thanks to these deliverables, Eckelmans was able to choose the best scenario for them and took therefore ownership of their IT Strategy.

FacOrg is now in charge of the implementation of the selected IT architecture.


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