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Implementation of a new ERP for Befimmo


Befimmo is a major Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in Belgium.

In 2020, they had an estimated real estate investment value of 2,7 billon € in 2020 with a total of 63 buildings. The main part of their portfolio are offices (incl. co-working solutions)

As a real estate investor, Befimmo also manages project management and property management of its buildings.


Befimmo has started a large-scale digitalisation program in order to increase its efficiency, to offer additional services to its tenants and increase customer experience.

The replacement of their ERP system was a cornerstone in this program. FacOrg has act as project manager and business analyst to define the business requirements and manage the project from analysis to implementation. This has been done on a lean way with several phases and releases.


Befimmo has now a fully integrated ERP system.

FacOrg managed to analyse all the process involved and defined the impact on each business units. This allowed rationalization of the various developments.

One of the biggest challenges was to keep the business involved and motivated over time and across all business lines. A special attention was given to the organisation of workshops and trainings.

FacOrg also assisted Befimmo on project closure by defining maintenance rules and contracts with the software supplier.


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