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The future operational organisation of D'Ieteren Immo

D'Ieteren Immo

D'Ieteren is a major Belgian company active in the automotive sector since 1805. It has constituted a large and diversified Real Estate portfolio throughout its activities.

D'Ieteren Immo is a division of D'Ieteren Group born in 2016 with the objective to develop a new Real Estate activity. The entity's role is not only to manage the Real Estate assets of the entire D’Ieteren group, but also to develop new projects that are not related to the automotive industry.


After having regrouped all historical spread assets, people and Real Estate subsidiaries into the new company, D'Ieteren Immo needed to define a unified operating model for its new structure.

D’Ieteren asked FacOrg for advice due to our experience with Real Estate players that have a large assets portfolio. Our independence from any solution providers, knowledge of the industry's best practices and expertise in a wide range of specialized tools - such as Planon (in used tool) - were also key elements for D'Ieteren Immo.


At the end of the mission, we provided recommendations for each of the main entity's processes, considering the specificities of the tool chosen by the client.

Beside these recommendations, we also provided guidelines to ensure the consistency and the quality of data in their information systems.

Finally, we gave some advice to allow complementary developments in the future.

A roadmap was established to help deploying all the recommendations in a logical and concrete steps by its own services.

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