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FacOrg Toolbox & Academy

Our consultants are frequently described as efficient and relevant. This is because they are exceptional people. But also because within FacOrg we invest a lot of energy in strengthening our skills and building the FacOrg approach through a set of references, thematic templates and methodologies.

As time went by and internal sessions were held, we put together a set of cards that we grouped together in the "FacOrg Consultant Toolbox" and recorded the training/exchanges in the "FacOrg Academy".

These tools allow us to have a pragmatic and efficient approach during our missions.

But they also allow us to increasingly interfere as "idea shakers", whether by

  • organising a webinar on a particular subject: "financial monitoring tools for real estate projects"

  • coordinating the "digitalisation and innovation" course at the Executive Master Real Estate

  • writing articles with other providers who want to promote digitisation within the real estate industry

In short, whether you are interested in a support from our consultants in project mode, or on the contrary, an information/awareness session on a particular theme, do not hesitate to submit your needs via the "plan a meeting" tab.


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